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What We Offer

nVent Nuheat Floor Heating Systems are ideal room specific heat source options for both new construction or renovation projects. These easy-to install systems are available for a range of floor surfaces, including tile, stone and laminate/engineered wood floors. From standard cable, mesh and mat floor heating solutions to cable solutions with uncoupling membrane or made-to-order custom mats, we have designed our products to make it easy for you to install them.

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Membrane is a tile underlayment and uncoupling membrane.

Nuheat Cable & Membrane

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Standard Mats are the thinnest and easiest to install, coming in over 70 sizes of square and rectangles. Simply pick the size that fits your area.

Nuheat Stock Mats


Custom Mats are custom-manufactured to fit your exact room/area dimensions.

Nuheat Custom Mats

Mesh is an on-site adjustable "strip and roll" solution suited best for square and rectangular areas.

Nuheat Mesh

nVent NUHEAT Mechanical Relay (AC0007) 240V_Product Image.jpg

Installation and repair materials. 

Nuheat Accessories

nVent NUHEAT Mat Sense Pro (AC0100)_Product Image.png
nVent NUHEAT Lead Repair Kit 120 V(AC0016)_Product Image.jpg
nVent NUHEAT Thermostat Probe (AC0008)_Product Image.jpg
Black and Nickel Cover Set_edited.jpg

Heated floors are found in luxurious spaces, where no detail is missed. So, why is the only option for the thermostat, a drab white plastic shell?


In 1982, Airsled originated the first load movement solution based on its low-pressure air film technology and has not stopped innovating since. When you purchase a genuine Airsled solution, trust that you’re receiving a world-class product made in the USA.

Airsled Multi Purpose Movers

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