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Airsled’s Appliance Movers

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Appliance Movers

Equipment & Solutions

Airsled’s Appliance Movers provide a safe, efficient, and effective way to move countless objects especially residential and commercial appliances in virtually any setting without damaging floors, pulling back muscles, or needing extra manpower. View our Appliance Mover categories below or contact us to learn more.

Understanding Key Options: Dual/Variable Speed Control and Vacuum Cleaner Capability

All Standard and Heavy Duty Appliance Movers can be optioned with Dual Speed control, Vacuum Cleaner capability, or both. For tight installations where overhead clearance due to cabinetry or countertops is less than 1″, a Dual Speed model lets you operate your Airsled at full (HI) or half (LO) power output depending on the setting you select. The LO setting reduces airflow into the air beams by 50% making it less likely that a tightly installed appliance will get wedged in place by the lifting action of your Airsled. If you don’t want to carry an extra vacuum cleaner to the job site, a model that can double as a vacuum cleaner is right for you.

Light-Duty Appliance Movers can be optioned with Variable Speed capability. Rather than a toggle switch with a HI/LO setting as with Dual Speed models, Airsled’s Light-Duty Appliance Mover with Variable Speed has a dial allowing you to gradually increase airflow into the air beams for total control especially in tight overhead clearance situations. Vacuum cleaner capability is not available for Light-Duty Appliance Movers.


450 lb rated Light Duty Appliance Movers

Light Duty Appliance Movers rated to lift 450 lbs. are suitable for many major appliances ranging from economy to full-size. Though very compact, they’re powerful enough to move large capacity, residential stacked washers/dryers but may not be suitable for luxury appliances wider than 30″ especially freestanding ranges.


750 lb rated Standard Appliance Movers

Standard Appliance Movers are rated to lift 750 lbs. and are suitable for the vast majority of full-size, residential appliances, and many commercial and professional-grade appliances. Luxury appliances wider than 48″ especially freestanding ranges may exceed this model’s weight rating, however.


950 lb rated Heavy Duty Appliance Movers

Heavy Duty Appliance Movers are rated to lift 950 lbs. and cover all major, residential appliances and are the best choice for anyone who may routinely need to move luxury appliances 48” wide and greater. This series is also best suited for the widest range of commercial and professional-grade appliances.

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