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Airsled’s Vending Movers are powered by a 4HP motor and have a 1,400 lb lifting capacity. Ideal for moving countless loads including the vast majority of both snack, soda, and combination vending machines. Select your desired model features from the FOUR options below.

Model Summary
VM2400 I Single Speed
VM2400-DS I Dual Speed
VM2401 I Single Speed + Vacuum Capability
VM2401-DS I Dual Speed + Vacuum Capability

Vending Mover with 12×39 Air Beams

  • All Airsled Vending Movers Include:

    • Two 12” W x 39” L x 3/16” T air beams made from high-grade US aluminum
    • 4HP / 120 volt / 11.3 amp blower
    • Hoses and connectors for 30” maximum air beam spread
    • Airflow controller to help adjust lifting height
    • Four spacer sticks each 2″ W x 32″ L x 1/2″ T to help close the gap between the air beam and the bottom of the load
    • Four, plastic Rough Surface Adapters (RSAs) each 10” W x 36” L
    • Foot brace to improve control and maneuverability
    • Shoulder strap for the blower
    • Carrying bag for your Airsled system and accessories
    • Models without vacuum capability weigh 46 lbs
    • Models with vacuum capability weigh 49 lbs
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